Proyek dan Milestone

Goal: to realize the importance of Tesso Nilo National Park as a place of interest for ecotourism in Riau by 2015



  • Optimizing conservation areas through development and utilization of ecotourism zones.
  • Reducing and stopping forest encroachment, hunting, and other forest destructions that affect the development of ecotourism program.
  • Development of task force that supports ecotourism program by, at the same time, taking part in protecting the forests that are used as destination for ecotourism.
  • Development of ecotourism network covering networks for capacity building, Non Timber Forest Product (NTFP), marketing and promotion and tour operators.
  • Encouraging the occurrence of networks between Tesso Nilo NP and other sites like Bintan island and  Harau/ Bukit Tinggi.
  • Encouraging professionalism of Tesso Nilo NP and NGOs in managing and assisting the ecotourism program.
  • Encouraging the occurrence of new ecotourism agents, like pompong group, forest honey group, and local guide groups.
  • Encouraging regulation and implementation of positive policies for developing ecotourism program by the Local Government of Riau.



Optimizing conservation areas through development and utilization of ecotourism zone by:

  • Developing ecotourism trails
  • Developing infrastructure and facilities in ecotourism zones: shelter, bridge, outbound facilities and signpoints.
  • Research and monitoring in ecotourism zone
  • Management and promotion of ecotourism routes
  • Monitoring and evaluating the areas from possible threats
  • Conducting routine patrols/ guarding in Tesso Nilo NP, in particularly core areas where the ecotourism progam is held. Such activities can be done with collaboration with the local people.
  • Strict law enforcement for those who break the existing regulations.
  • Encouraging TPU/EPU to help monitor the areas where the ecotourism program is held.
  • Providing signboards for warning in several important locations along the ecotourism trails
  • Training on ecotourism and its management for local human resources
  • Training local guides and interpreters for ecotourism related programs like environmental education.
  • Developing and strengthening ecotourism networks among local and international parties.
  • Strengthening efforts to collaborate with networks of local and international parties
  • Developing and coordinating areas like Harau, Bukit Tigapuluh, Bintan island and Rokan Hulu that support the implementation of the ecotourism program in Tesso Nilo NP.
  • Creating promotional packages that are also combined with the potentials of those areas.
  • Conducting analysis of network of locations based on results of promotion information from the locations.
  • Training human resources of Tesso Nilo NP, WWF Indonesia, Tesso Nilo Foundation and other stakeholders related to the development of ecotourism.
  • Developing Monitoring and Evaluation (MONEV) to monitor and control the performance of stakeholders in building this ecotourism program
  • Developing other groups that support the ecotourism program like homestay group, handicraft group, local guides and outbound interpreters
  • Managing and facilitating those groups by tour operators, Tesso Nilo NP and NGOs
  • Encouraging ecotourism regulation at the level of province and regency. Such regulation covers protection of ecotourism areas, standardized costs for entry ticket and ecotourism management.
  • Encouraging regulation at the level of village; ecotourism village or locally called Ecotourism Perdes.


Annual/Assessment Report

1. Laporan kajian ekowisata Tesso Nilo dalam bahasa Indonesia

2. Laporan kajian ekowisata Tesso Nilo dalam bahasa Inggris




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